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List of documents required for closing




  • Deed - escritura

  • No Lien Certificate - CLG Certificado Libre de Gravamen 

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) form for the escrow agency

  • KYC Bank

  • KYC Notario

  • KYC escrow agency

  • Photocopies of buyer and seller ID's; Passport and residency cards if they have them

  • Proof of Address, this can be a CFE or SEAPAL bill

  • RFC # (This is a federal tax number, not everyone has one)

  • CURP # (This is a federal residency number, not everyone has one)

  • Marriage Certificate if the buyer or seller are buying or selling together

  • Power of Attorney (if needed)

  • Bank Documents - account, branch, etc

  • Request of Trust - fidecomiso

  • Designation of Beneficiaries for the fidecomiso

  • Yearly Property Tax - predial

  • HOA no dues are owed letter

  • Services receipts paid - internet, electrical, water

  • Promise Agreement - the accepted and signed offer

  • Extensions or Adendums - if applicable

  • Listing Agreement

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