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How do I pay my Property tax?

Updated: Jan 25

Real estate owners in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area need to pay their Property Tax (Predial) which came due on January 1.

Although property taxes are much lower here than in foreign destinations they still need to be paid. The city of Puerto Vallarta has makes it easy to pay your taxes online.

You can go to the Clerk's office at City Hall and wait in a HUGE COVID line to make payment in cash or with credit card (no checks are accepted) or you can pay online with a credit card.

If your Property Tax payment is paid in January you will receive a 15% discount. If paid in February 10% and in March, the discount is 5%.

To pay online, go to Puerto Vallarta Predial and put in your account number in the Cuenta box and the U-Urbano in the Tipo box. It shows the bill with the current discount and just hit the Pagar con Tarjeta, then Tarjeta de credito de cualquier Banco. It says there will be a commission (about a dollar), fill in the info and telephone and email address, then hit Realizar Pago. On completion, you will see the receipt and they will send you a paid notice to your email.

Note that your Property Tax bill is separate from your Trust (Fideicomiso) payment that is due on an annual basis on the date you became owner of the property. This payment can be made at the bank that holds your Trust Deed or you can obtain instruction from your bank for online payments.

For online payment of Property Tax in the State of Nayarit around Banderas Bay, visit Bahia de Banderas Predial.

You can also pay your SEAPAL online. Click here.

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