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Schools, Safety and Surfing! PV is one of the safest cities in Mexico.

Thinking about relocating to Puerto Vallarta or the Riviera Nayarit and have kids? The issue of safety and schools is one of the most asked questions we get. In fact, Vallarta is one of the safest cities in Mexico, and is ranked higher in safety than both Cancun and Los Cabos.

If you wish to compare the safety of PV with another other city in Mexico, you can do do so here:

The most important factor when considering relocating anywhere with your family is, “Will my family be safe?” Puerto Vallarta is low in crime, therefore, as a parent, you can feel good about your choice of relocation.


PV also offers a host of international private schools at very affordable prices. The cost for private schools varies depending on the school and the grade level of the students, but fees range from $250 USD per month to $700 USD per month. Languages taught include: English, Spanish, and French. Listed below are the top 5 private schools in Puerto Vallarta with their links.

1. American School of Puerto Vallarta

Address: C. Albatros 129, Marina Vallarta, 48335 Puerto Vallarta (Neighborhood Marina Vallarta)

2. British American School

Address: Pavo Real 171, Las Aralias, Puerto Vallarta (Neighborhood Aralias II)

3. Pierre Faure School

Address: Camino a Boca de Tomates 180, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco (Neighborhood Boca de Tomates)

4. Instituto Angloamericano

Address: Viena 89, Díaz Ordaz, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal. (Neighborhood Diaz Ordaz)

5. Colegio Jean Piaget

Address: Alameda 243, Bobadilla, 48298 Puerto Vallarta, Jal (Neighborhood Bobadilla)

While schools and safety are important, so is having fun. There are many things for children to do in Puerto Vallarta. There is a giant oceanfront boardwalk called, “El Malecon” which spans between Zona Romantica and the Old Town. There are bike paths for your child to explore, along with white sandy beaches below. Stop for an ice cream along the way or enjoy the live street art constantly performed on the Malecon. Furthermore, there are mountains with hiking trails, ziplines, and waterfalls for your kids to expend some energy and to stay fit.

Aside from the great outdoors, Vallarta offers so much more. For example, those aspiring Picasso's in your family, check out Art VallARTa. This is an 8000 square foot Artist incubation tank with classrooms, artist studios, Galleria of local artists, art supply store, theater and exhibition area. This is free and open to the public. Click here to learn more about art classes: Now, for those wet days in the rainy season: June, July, August and September - your family can all enjoy Vallarta’s VIP movie theater. There are also many shopping malls with kid friendly stores and attractions.

There are many other group activities for children in Puerto Vallarta. DavAnnaYoga specializes in yoga classes for kids. Click here to learn more about the yoga classes: There are also surf classes for children in La Lancha Beach and Sayulita. Kids can also learn how to kitesurf in Bucerias or skateboard in the Puerto Vallarta Municipal Skatepark. Your child can also take kayaking lessons in Mismaloya or fishing classes in the main pier in Zona Romantica. The options really are almost limitless.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest and most cost friendly (and people friendly) places to relocate with a family. With boundless activities and excellent schools, your child will be a place where they can not only grow, but flourish.


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