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Smart Real Estate: We don’t just sell your development… We sell your future as a developer. 


Smart Real Estate stands behind the following statement. “We use technology to ensure: transparency, honesty, loyalty, respectful relationships.”  


Using our data tracking software, we don’t simply log the engagement of potential investors - all of our internal activities are also logged in detail. 


All phone calls, emails, and social media messages will be logged by all agents involved in the Rancho California project. All agents, owners, and involved parties will be able to access and see all of this information within a matter of a few clicks. 


The Smart Real Estate team is founded on the basis of trust. All decisions are made together as a team, and not one person has more power than another. We do not have bosses or employees or assistants, we are all collaborators.


Smart Real Estate stands by our word. All of our words are tracked and logged so we have no technical way to go against what we say. 


Our aim is to generate a great sense of loyalty - and not just with our clients. We expect loyalty from all our collaborators. We will ensure that we are only selling your project and stay loyal to you all. 


Smart Real Estate’s most important value is respect. Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s as simple as that. 

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