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When you list your property with Coldwell Banker La Costa Realty, your home becomes part of the most comprehensive Commercial Marketing Program available.​


We are experts In Social Media and Traditional Medial Real Estate Marketing.
































Here are the details about how we are making real estate marketing matter:


Print Media

While it is our strong belief that over 90% of all buyers look first online, we also understand that there is a need to have a local print media presence. We have contractual relationships with Point South as well as the Real Estate Guide and the Real Estate Journal. We will ensure that Your Property is prominently featured in both of these fine publications. Cost: $600. (12 months). 

Social Media

a. Facebook - When we post professional images and descriptions of your property over 250,000+ interested viewers will be reached weekly. Your property will be featured monthly on this page.

b. Twitter- Your property will also be seen by over 2,000+ followers on our Twitter page and will receive promotion to each of our followers.

c.  Pinterest - Your property will be prominently featured on our Pinterest page. We post our properties continuously on this platform.

d. Instagram - Our Instagram page is growing and your property will benefit from monthly promotion on our page with over 800+ followers.

e. LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a powerful business media and your property will be actively promoted here on a monthly basis.

In all, we conservatively estimate that on a weekly basis, over 90,000 people see our Social Media posts and your property will now become an integral part of that activity until sold. Cost: Estimated at $2,000US (12 months). 


Coldwell Banker La Costa publishes a weekly electronic newsletter that is distributed directly to the email accounts of our almost 4,300-person customer base. Your property will be featured at least monthly in this publication. Cost: Approximately $1,000US (12 months)


Quality Photography is critical in selling any property and we demand it. Your Coldwell Banker La Costa agent will organize house staff to stage Your Property, spend the time necessary to catch the perfect lighting for each important image we get of Your Property. Our experience counts when it comes to selecting the perfect images in the editing process. Cost: Approximately $400US.

Virtual tours- If Applicable

A virtual video tour of Your Property will be completed, edited, and posted on our Social Media platforms, Web Sites and available on YouTube to immediately send to every potentially qualified prospect. Cost: Approximately $250US. 

Web Sites

a.Coldwell Banker La Costa Realty has highly ranked websites (usually #1 or #2 on the first page Google US for the highest-ranked keywords) – has in excess of 8.000 unique visitors every week each of whom spends an average of over 8 minutes on the page! Your Property will be featured in both of these sites.
b. We also have a dedicated Point 2 Homes website
c. Through the internal Integra CRM system with Coldwell Banker Real Estate, as soon as we post your property into this system, Your Property will immediately be exposed on: as well as and respectively, are the most powerful Real Estate websites in Mexico and worldwide!
d. All Coldwell Banker La Costa listings enjoy immediate syndication through a network of prominent real estate websites to generate additional exposure:


Total commercial
Point 2-


Inmuebles 24
Easy aviso
Casa y Terrenos
Segundo Mano
Map Lander

Cost: $450US.



Coldwell Banker Signage- If Applicable

Distinctive signage is immediately recognized by the more sophisticated buyer who will instantly recognize the Coldwell Banker Commercial custom signage which will be placed strategically on Your Property to let those who know, that this is without question one of the premier commercial real estate offerings in this marketplace. 
Cost: $150US


As founding members of the local chapter of the Mexican Association of Professional Real Estate Agents (AMPI), we are members of the most advanced and sophisticated MLS systems in the country of Mexico. When we publish our listings in FLEX they are immediately published on every affiliate’s website via the IDX direct feed. As such, when you list with Coldwell Banker La Costa Realty Your Property will appear in the Commercial Section on the websites of each of the 65+ member offices as well. Cost: $350US.

At Coldwell Banker La Costa Realty based upon a 12-month listing period with our standard 8% plus IVA commission rate, we are convinced that through our Coldwell Banker marketing program we will get your property SOLD. As described above, we are ready to commit to a hard investment in the sale and marketing of Your Property by committing our cash and resources with a replacement value of approximately $5,000US during this period.

No other Brokerage can make this offer!


Contact us - we'll get started right away!

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