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2023 Income Requirements for Mexican Residency

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Welcome to 2023! Most consulates are increasing their income requirements for 2023 by about 20% Below are the income requirements for 2023 based on the formula that is used by most consulates. (with one exception, see below)

Keep in mind: not all consulates use the same formula, the same exchange rate, or any of the above.

Here is an unofficial list of some of the consulates. It's unofficial because these are not published, these were obtained by calling or emailing each of these consulates:

If you are thinking about becoming a resident in the future, don't wait! Apply sooner than later. Every year the income requirements go up, and every year someone is no longer eligible because they waited.

Don't let that be you!

Remember you don't have to live in Mexico to remain a resident. Maybe you're working on your plan B. Or maybe you're not moving to Mexico for a few more years. Either way, you should be planning, and securing your residency is an important step in that plan. If you need help with the process of applying for residency- whether it's booking your initial appointment with a consulate or finishing the process in Mexico- I encourage you to check out the COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide. In the guide, they detail the steps for getting residency on your own, however, Mexican bureaucracy can be hard to navigate and your time is valuable, they also give you a list of vetted and recommended immigration facilitators in Mexico that can help you out.


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